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“Come fossi solo”





Marco Magini was only a child during the terrible events of the Balcan wars and the scarce information he retained came from the news on TV. But when as a university student he discovers the story of Dražen, he started to write a novel that involved him in  a journey that lasted four years of his life.

That story narrates about a twenty year old soldier forced to fight a war but still willing to oppose the brutality of the time. In the middle of the worst massacre that happened in Europe since the end of the Second World War, he was able to confront “the law of the time” in a fight that recalls the ones from Greek tragedies.

The novel consists of three voices which enable the reader to have a overall view of the tragedy. The first one is Drazen, the protagonist. The second one is the voice of the Spanish magistrate Romeo González who tells the unfolding of Drazen’s process at the International Criminal Tribunal of the Hague, highlighting how the reasoning behind a court sentence is not always clear and straightforward.The third voice belongs to Dirk, a Dutch blue helmets stationed in Srebrenica, a representative of the UN contingent guilty of failing to prevent the massacre.

These are the three protagonists of the story who try to show how in order to fall in love again with the future, the new generations will have to deal with the uncomfortable event of the past years which we overlooked.

An emotionally powerful novel.


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